Architect Residence, Shanghai  

The architect residence is located in a high-rise building in downtown Shanghai. The building features brutal structural elements and unified windows.The scheme tries to challenge the fixed understanding of column in interior design, where structure often be taken as redundancy. Through the play of two columns, the inherit spatial quality of the building is revealed, and then deliberately blurred. The column becomes an indispensable but inconspicuous part of the space.

The naked column in the middle of living room provides a panorama viewpoint looking at the space. The mirror blurs the edge of the column.  The contrast of ceiling, between high and low, white and concrete, leads the circulation into private area.The fixed furniture made of birch, stainless steel and raw aluminum, become an overlay of various textures and reflections.

Design: HCCH Studio
Team: Hao Chen, Chenchen Hu
Location: Changning district, Shanghai
GFA: 180 m²
Years: 2019-2020
Photos: Qingyan Zhu