Quant-tech office, Shanghai

The asset management company occupies an entire floor of a super high-rise office building in Lujiazui. The team is composed of mathematicians and engineers. The founder hopes to set aside half of the floor area as public space for meetings and activities. The space is expected to have a sense of technology and an academic atmosphere. The project tries to explore a light and calm atmosphere different from the popular office mode that emphasize dynamic and color. Space quality is achieved through a subtle material palette and precise detail.

The public area consists of the foyer, meeting rooms, and dining area. The boundaries of the partitions are defined by three curved walls. The walls are bookshelves made of laminated glass and stainless steel. The layering of materials and spaces generates ambiguous transparency. Natural light from the south passes through the curtain wall and flows between the array of glass.

Architect: HCCH Studio
Design team: Hao Chen, Chenchen Hu, Yuling Wang, Yazhou Ding
Design period: Nov.2021- Feb.2022
Contractor: EDS
Completion date: Sept.2022
Photographer: Qingyan Zhu, STUDIO FANG