Office Renovation on West Bund, Shanghai

Westbund Development Group Headquarter locates on the West Bund of Shanghai, adjacent to Westbund Art Center, looking at Huangpu river on its east. The site is packed with lush trees, such as pomelo and camphor. Heavy wind, rustling trees and dim light make up the impression of site.

Past two decades witness the dramatic mutation of the building environment and waterfront space on Westbund. The existing condition fails to meet the need of today’s headquarter office. The renovation aims to change the severe and hierarchical image of state-owned office into a friendly environment encouraging share and communication.

This gesture mediates various factors on the site. First, terraces provide easy access to outdoor space responding to its surroundings. Moreover, the manipulation of volume is an efficient way to enhance form and space while conceal flaws in details. Finally, the floor area is less than 3000sqm to avoid sprinkle system, which is quite limited. Terrace helps to extend the floor from interior to exterior while not adding to area.

The project tries to achieve fluid atmosphere and transparent quality responding to landscape. The building turns to be a few horizontal lines extends among trees, merging into shadow and wind.

Architect: HCCH Studio
Design team: Hao Chen, Chenchen Hu ,Yazhou Ding, Xuyin Zou, Yi Gao, Ziyan Ge
Structural engineer: Zhun Zhang, Chongchong Zhang
MEP: Shuifeng Zhou, Xiong Ma, Guangli Wang
Lighting consultant: Yajuan Sun
LDI: Shanghai Xuhui Planning and Architecture design co.,ltd
Location: 2599 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Developer: Shanghai Westbund Development Group
Program: Office
Area: 3000 sqm
Time: 2020.8-2021.5
Photograph: Qingyan Zhu

before renovation