Winding Tower: Viewing Tower in Sanchagang Park, Shanghai

Located in a forest park in Shanghai, China, Winding Tower, a fire lookout infrastructure, tries to create diffused free trajectories and fluctuating visual effect, underpinned by highly organized geometry and structure.

Two trajectories, a continuous slope on the outer ring and curved stairs on the inner ring, are introduced, defining two scenarios of using the space, up and down, slow and fast, sightseeing and evacuating. The slope and the stairs meet on every level, so that the visitors could shift in-between.

The tower is a 30m tall steel structure spiraling six turns all the way up to the top platform. The outline is a stack of turning square in 15mX15m, which forms a 11-pointed-star from top view. 11 leaning columns in 250mm diameter are evenly distributed, and the slabs are 100mm thick.

The transparency and lightness of the winding tower manifest while retreat itself in the nature scenery.

Architects:HCCH Studio in collaboration with Atelier Deshaus
Design team: Hao Chen, Chenchen Hu
Location: Sanchagang Forest Park, Pudong, Shanghai

Ground floor plan

Floor plans