LARP Space on the Bund of Shanghai

The mystery game space is located on the top floor of a historic building near the Bund, with small floor  area, low clearance and dim light.

The brief requires five rooms containing different themes within limited area and construction cost. The space is expected be differentiated from the disneyfied interior of stereotypical script store. All these requirements seem contradictory.

Consumers of game space seek out collage experiences based on their identification with simulacrum and performance. The inside and outside are highly separate as lobotomy, according to Koolhaas.

Rooms are considered as laisserz faire area, and this focus our work on dealing with the remaining space between rooms and site boundary.

Five boxes are scattered in the space, forming  zigzag interface and winding view to create  promenade experience.The boxes intentionally separated from existing columns, emphasizing the detachment of the insertion from the original concrete wall. The acid visual effect is further enhanced by the reflection of mirrors and doors.

Air conditioners are placed on top of the central mirror room to allow higher clearance for other rooms and to expose original concrete ceiling in public area.

During the day, the interior recalls original atmosphere of the historic site, neutral and calm. At night, cyan lighting eliminates materiality of the space, contrasting with the warm-colored surrounding.

Design: HCCH Studio
Team: Hao Chen, Chenchen Hu, Yuling Wang, Qi Zheng, Deyu Kong
Site: The press on the Bund
Area: 175 m²
Time: 2021.12-2022.8
Photogrqph: Qingyan Zhu