HCCH Studio

Seesaw Coffee Citic

HCCH Studio designed an all-metal coffee shop for local brand, Seesaw Coffee.

This shop is a kiosk located in a typical office lobby, which could be read as a study on fast construction prototype for mini retail.  The design and construction were finished in 45 days. The shop has been happily used by the client and customer for more than a year.

The main structure is a twisting framework all in 80X80 pipe, supporting by two equipment cores. This gesture offers a welcoming façade to the customer,  allows fluent circulation and  accommodates storage within the limited plot.  

The surface material is all in aluminium,  corrugated or folding,  as an interplay of texture and dimension. The edges of the shop are vaguely defined by veil-like perforated panel overlapping the activity behind it. The front panel is hanged down by the T-profile beams on top to avoid vertical structure, leaving the façade intact and superlight.  

The shop contrasts its surrounding with its precision and sleekness, offering people some spice to the mundane everyday life.

Team: Hao Chen, Chenchen Hu
Structural Engineer: Zhang Chongchong
Location: Shanghai
Year: 2018