HCCH Studio

Architecture, Interior and Urban Design

Thermodynamic Congloerate, Yiwu, China, 2015
Option Studio in Harvard GSD
   The project responds to the new wave of urbanization of medium scale cities in China characterized by large infrastructure expansion and CBD development, through new ways to relate form, program, energy, and matter and the human body --- a new “thermodynamic materialism”.

     As an urban conglomerate, the project combines the parameters of local climate (limited wind speed, northeast wind direction, high humidity, micro climate resulting from topography), local demands (hybrid, high density development) and strategic selection of the materiality (conductivity, effusivity, absorption) More than creating an efficient machine, the project affirms the complexity of the contemporary developing city and argues for density, stratification, and juxtaposition, from a new angle departing from mere "form-function" paradigm.

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